Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's Swing?

The blog that you are about to read it purely fictional...or is it?

Evette went to one of her local hang outs to watch football. When to her surprise she sees a long lost friend. Well he wasn't a friend more like a lover. Well maybe not even a lover just someone that she had a tryst or two with years earlier. The sex between these two was hot. Jay was a voyeur and loved having sex in public areas. His dick couldn't even stay hard unless he was doing something unconventional. They would have sex any and everywhere. That is why Jay couldn't get enough of her. That was until they lost contact shortly after his wife found out about them. They exchanged numbers and talked the night away over drinks.

They conversed on the phone about a week before they planned on meeting again. Jay brought up an idea of going to a swingers bar. Evette had never been to a swingers bar before. She was the type of woman that was down to try anything at least once twice if it was nice. At the time she wasn't aware of Jay's secret fetish. He told her that she would need to wear something sexy and revealing. Evette was nervous but didn't want to let him know. She took a lot of care picking out an outfit that evening. She picked out the tightest shortest little black skirt in her closet, a black blouse, and some four inch black stiletto pumps. She was pacing around her house to busy herself until Jay arrived. When that wasn't enough she decided to pour herself a stiff drink to help calm her nerves. When he rang the doorbell she knew that he would probably hear her heart pounding inside her chest. When he stepped in the door the look on his face told her that she picked out the right outfit. He grabbed her by the hands and spun her around and gave her an mm mm mm of approval. She told Jay that she was nervous because she didn't know what to expect. He assured her that everything would be fine and that she wouldn't have to do anything or anyone that she didn't want to. Evette told him that women were out; she had no intention of licking any clams.

When they pull up to the swingers bar Evette was taken aback. This wasn't quite what she had in mind. This wasn't a swinger bar at all; this was a sleazy adult book store. Jay told her that they would just hang around the parking lot for a while. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, and he wanted to wait to see if other would show up before paying to get in. Evette figured by the look of this place that they would go inside and have sex in one of the movie rooms. She was used to having sex with him in the weirdest places. A car or two pulled into the lot, after sitting in the parking lot for approximately 30 minutes. They walk into this dirty movie shack hand in hand. There were neon lights everywhere on the inside. While Jay was talking to the clerk Evette was browsing the toy section. Not only was this a book store Evette would soon find out that there were fuck rooms on the second floor. There were dicks in every color and size you could imagine in there. Jay walked up to the counter and paid the clerk some money. He told Evette that this was to rent them a room upstairs. When they reached the top it looked like a sleazy motel hallway. There was a coke machine a worn out pleather couch, and some folding chairs. Evette was holding onto Jay's hand for dear life. He walked down the hallway to where they could hear the familiar sounds of fucking. There were six or seven people sitting in plastic folding chairs. There was an old man that had to be in his 60s, a black couple, and a Mexican couple. Jay and Evette were standing close to the entry way. Evette didn't want to sit in those chairs or touch anything in there. Jay stood behind her and began to rub her breasts as they watched the movie. He opened her blouse to expose her breasts to the people in the room. He was kissing and biting her neck which he remembered always made her wet. Evette's eyes were closed, and her head back as she was just enjoying herself. She had forgotten about all of the people that were in the room until she opened her eyes. She was moaning so loud that she had every one's attention on her. They now had an audience which turned Jay on. Evette could feel his hard dick on the small of her back. She placed one of her arms around the back of Jay’s neck and placed the other on his throbbing manhood. Jay placed a leg in between hers to spread her legs open. He pulled her little black skirt up around her thighs. He then whispered into her ear, "Damn no panties?" She just giggled and placed his hand on her freshly shaved pussy. The old man had gotten up from his seat and was now standing up and peering right at them. This made Evette a little leery. Jay could feel her tense up and whispered for her not to worry he was just enjoying the show. Then the next thing they know the black man got on his hands and knees and crawled over to where they were and stopped right at Evette's feet. He looked up to them as if he was awaiting some sort of approval. Jay whispered to Evette that this man wanted to eat her pussy. To her own surprise she agreed. When in Rome right? Jay grabbed one of her legs and placed it on the shoulder of this unknown man. The man started licking her toes, the arch of her foot, then to her ankles. He ran his tongue up her leg to the inside of her knee. He did this tongue flicker that almost caused her leg to buckle. Jay was kissing on her neck while this man on his knees feasted on her sweet juices. Every one of her erogenous zones were being flicked, massaged or sucked all at the same time. Evette was in heaven. She was still leaning against Jay with her eyes closed and head resting back on one of his shoulders. This man that was eating her pussy was a professional. He made her cum in less than five minutes. He asked her if this is how she liked it. Her response was louder moaning and another orgasm. When she opened her eyes the old man had made his way over there and was now the one that was pinching and massaging her breasts. The look of shock she had on her face scared the little old man back to his chair. She didn't know that Jay gave the old man a head nod inviting him in to enjoy the fun. Not knowing the correct protocol she thanked the man that nearly sucked out her uterus. Now before all of the pussy eating began this man was in there with a female who was now missing in action. I guess she didn't appreciate her date, husband, or man eating the pussy of an unknown female. She was nowhere to be found. But he didn't seem to care and Evette damn sure didn't. Jay saw the woman storm out of there prior to him crawling over to them.

Round two began with just Jay and Evette in one of the nasty little "couple" rooms. In the room was another worn out pleather couch and a TV playing porn. Jay asked Evette to lie down on the couch. She laughed because there was no way in hell any part of her flesh was touching this couch. Evette knew that any forensic scientist would have a field day on the arm rest alone. She told him to sit down because she wanted to ride. He sat down on the couch and Evette mounted him or tried to. Jay couldn't stay hard. She couldn't give a rat’s ass thanks to that nice man that drained her of her essence. She was set for the night and ready to leave. He got up from the couch and walked over to the door. He looked out the door to see if he was missing anything in the movie room. Evette got up and peeked too. She didn't want to miss a thing. The black man that had eaten her pussy was sitting on the worn down couch next to the coke machine. Evette hoped that he had a ride home since his lady friend still wasn't around. Across the hallway is where the Mexican couple now was. The female beckoned Jay into their room. He asked Evette to follow him into their room. She let him lead her in there willingly. It soon became apparent to Jay and Evette that this couple didn't speak any English. It didn't really matter within a few seconds because the little Mexican lady began sucking her man's dick. Not to be out done Evette sits Jay down on the couch and does the same. The two ladies were sucking in unison. The sounds alone would have made most men pop. They went from pleasing their men orally to full blown fucking. The Mexican lady was lying on the couch with her knees touching her ears. Evette made Jay take his shirt off and place it on the couch was she could put her hand down to get in the doggie position. The sex was HOT! The door to their room kept opening with people peeking in. Soon they had another audience. Jay was loving it. He was fucking the shit out of Evette and wanted the world to see. Evette on the other hand was having a hell of a time getting the Mexican lady to stop trying to get her to feel her tiddies. It was all she could do to keep standing while Jay was behind her pumping his meat into her. This bitch was trying to get her to lose her balance by grabbing her arm. Evette was trying to come up with another Spanish word for no.

On the way back to Evette's place she talked the whole way home about the man that ate her pussy, and the little old man that was pinching her nipples. Jay told her that he would take her back anytime she wanted. When they get back to her place Jay wanted some head. Evette was dead tired from all of the sexual activity that had taken place earlier that evening. She began to suck his dick when he lost it. He was acting like he was fucking a piece of pussy. He was shoving his meat into her mouth so hard that he hit her esophagus and made her gag. That pissed her off and she refused to continue. That pissed Jay off. She layed Jay down on the floor and got on top of him. She was grinding on top of his now limp dick. Jay was so embarrassed. She asked him was he done, or just pissed because she wouldn't suck it. He asked her for some Carmex. The Carmex tingled and he figured that it would help him get some feeling back into his numb dick. He thumped it on her ass a few times. Nothing. Evette had never heard of putting Carmex on wood. She looked for it but didn't have any. He decided to use lotion. He asked her to let him fuck her in the ass. Evette had decided that she had done enough freaky shit for one evening. He didn't get a nut at the dirty movie shack so he asked Evette to booty clap. She felt strange doing this but it didn't come close to the strange shit that had occurred earlier. That is when he finally had an orgasm. He shot his man yogurt on her booty check and massaged it with the head of his dick. He rolled over and fell asleep. Evette went to take a shower in an attempt to cleanse herself of all of the dirt she had done that evening. When she came out of the shower to bring Jay to her bed he was gone. No note, no kiss, nothing.

 Jay had brought out the freak in Evette, and left like a thief in the night. She called him numerous times over the next few days but none of her calls were returned. She will always be thankful to him for showing her one of the wildest nights of her life.

~The End~

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~My Magnum Man~

This particular whore story starts on a Friday night. My home girl and I were bored and were looking for something to get into. My home girl decides to call one of her dudes to see what was up. This guy was a freak she had told me about all of the freaky thing that they did from time to time. He had a homeboy over and we decided to go over to his house to kick it. When we get to his place he apparently wanted to set a mood. This man had jazz playing and low lights with candles lit. I guess he knew that he was getting a piece of ass this evening. Although my friend had told me how nice looking this man was I don't think that her words gave him any justice. Not only was he nice looking his body was rock hard as well. Dude was fine! He introduces me to his friend. He was very nice looking as well. He told me that he was a model. He had the looks of a model as well. He had smooth beautiful dark chocolate skin. He had to stand at least 6'4. You know, he had a basketball player build. He was tall and lanky with big feet. You know what they say about them. *wink* By now you should know that I love a tall man.

We sat around talking and drinking a few cocktails for a while when my friend's dude wanted to do some body shots. Alcohol has a way of making me horny. As far as I am concerned there isn't a better aphrodisiac on the planet. So he started with the body shots. He would run his long giraffe tongue up my friend's neck then sprinkle her with the salt. Watching this was turning me on. It was getting us all hot and bothered. The next thing I know his homeboy has me hemmed up against the wall pouring Champagne down my neck and sucking it off. That is my spot! There is a muscle in your neck that will tighten and protrude when you tilt your head from left to right. I guess my moans were letting him know just how much I enjoyed this. I had on a little tight black mini skirt and some knee boots. He got down on his knees before me and started licking my thighs. He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and looked up at me and smiled when he noticed that I didn't have on any panties. He bit the inside of my thigh that made my kitty jump. With all of this going on I had forgotten that my home girl and her dude was still in the living room with us. I told him that we needed to be alone and he led me into his friends bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed and began licking and biting my legs. He would start at my ankles and make he way up to the inside of my thighs. He had me so turned on at this point that I was gyrating to the music being played in the living room. I was moaning and wishing that he would quit teasing me and just dive in. So he started to eat my pussy and up until this point I didn't know that anyone ever going down on you could be bad. I mean I was laying there and it was the weirdest feeling like he didn't know where or what to do with the clitoris. I lift his head out of my lap deciding that no head is better then bad. Then he started to finger me when I stopped him from doing that as well. It felt like he was trying to send out a message using Morse code in Miss Kitty. I sat up in the bed and asked him if he had a condom. I was ready to just cut to the chase. I figured that since nothing else was popping he was going to punish me with the dick. He said that he did but he wanted me to kiss it first. Kiss it? What the hell did that mean? I am always amused by the way a man will ask for a blow job. So he gets undressed and that is when my mouth dropped open. I mean how could this be? He had the smallest dick that I have ever seen? I mean he had all of the signs of having a monster! Sadly that was not the case. He couldn't believe that I wasn't going to give him a blow job. I just couldn't do it. I remembered something that Adele Givens said. She told a heckler in the crowd that her sucking his little dick would be like giving a whale a tick tack. The look on his face was priceless. Shit I didn't know him. I mean I have a big ass mouth and the lips to go with it. While I don't have a problem sucking dick there was no way that I was putting that little thing in my mouth.
Now this was the straw that broke the camels back. He is sitting there looking all dejected when he starts to put on the condom. How about the fucking condom doesn't even fit. Well it must be that he can't get hard because I won't kiss it. WRONG! It's hard. This man is looking at his little dick like he is surprised too! His dick was no bigger then a hi-lighter. I am talking length and width. Why in the hell would his little dick ass have some magnum condoms for a baby dick? I don't know if he got the condom from his homeboy or what but this shit here was some bullshit! So I sit up. I look at him. I look down at his puny little munchkin dick and shake my head. It took everything in me to not just throw my head back and have a good belly laugh at his expense. I swing my legs over the side of the bed and pull my skirt down. I guess it was when I stood up to get my boots on that he actually realized that there wasn't going to be shit popping off. Now why this man had to say anything to me is beyond me. I just wanted to get the hell out of there before I busted up laughing. He says to me.
"What do you want me to do with this?"
Shaking his little dick as he said it. I mean he couldn't have been that drunk. I mean he had this little dick his entire life. I don't know if men look at each other when they are standing at a urinal, but he had to have seen more then his dick in his lifetime. He had to see at least one porno surly. This man had to know that his shit just didn't measure up. I guess he thought that him shaking his pecker at me was going to entice me in some way. (lmao) NOT!! I mean seriously how could he think that I was going to let him fuck me with a condom that was clearly too big. I tell him in the most un-sarcastic tone that I could muster that, I didn't know what he was going to do with it but that I was leaving. I walked out of the room and that was that.
In the living room there was a full blown porno going on. Now I knew without a doubt where the condom came from. Ol boy was packing! My girl and this dude are going at it. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. There was no way in hell I was going back into the room with the myth buster's little dick ass. So I sit on the couch. My intention wasn't to sit there and see them two going at it, but it was like a train wreck I just couldn't look away. I was kinda hating too wishing that it was me he was taking advantage of. They didn't even know that I was sitting there until they were done. My girl asked me if everything was OK I shook my head. I didn't want to put "the model" on blast in front of his boy. I told her that I would tell her later. She wouldn't let it go. I told her that I was alright. She asked if I had had fun and I told her no. She said that it definitely sounded like it. I told her that I could have won an academy award for my performance.
She hurried us out of the house because she thought that the guy had mistreated me in some way. On the ride home my girl almost had to pull the car over we were laughing so hard at that dude. When I told her about the condom fiasco and how I just got up and pulled down my skirt and walked out of the room. Both had tears running down our face. For those of you reading this that thought that all black men have big dicks trust me it's a myth. I just wish that I didn't have to find out the hard way.
~The End~

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

There was a time in my life when I was looking for a boyfriend. Someone to go on dates. You know, out to the movies, dinner and what not. I had recently gotten out of a pretty bad relationship with who I thought was my soul mate. He wasn't just another pretender. At this point in my life I had become a fixture in the local barber shop. I would stop in there for lunch and after work to play dominoes. Most of the men in here were playboys. Most of them were not only players but married as well. There were always droves of hoes coming in there bringing them all sorts of gifts. Naturally they all tried to get at me too. But I learned a long time ago that I would rather be the home girl then just another hoe that falls by the way side. I can't blame them it's in there nature. Once they figured out it wasn't happening with me we were all cool. They were my protectors, and everyone knew it. Most of the customers couldn't figure out who's girl I was so most of them left me alone as well. I wasn't going to be another one of the girls they passed around in here. This barber shop was more of a club or a bootleg spot. You could get anything any there like a swap meet. Once the doors were locked it turned into a club. There were dice being shot in the back and happy hour in the front. This was a place where you could be entertained for hours by the shit talking that was going on. I learned most of the games that men play by hanging out in there. If you are looking for me more then likely you can still find me sitting in the back at the domino table.

Barbers came and went. There was a new barber in the shop one day, his name was Ricas. He was a cousin of one of the old heads. He was country right out of a little city in Arkansas. He was tall, with a stocky football build. He had beautiful almond shaped light brown eyes. They made fun of him constantly because they called him soft. He wasn't into running through the women like they were. He pretty much kept to himself. The other barbers in there were constantly battling for air time. They made sure that if a crying ass baby came in the shop that he would have to cut the baby's hair. They started to call him every one's baby daddy.

I am not sure when I decided to go after him, but it was after about a year of him working in the shop. I knew that he had a little crush on me by the way he acted towards me. He was the shy type but always super friendly. I didn't want the others to know that we had started talking after hours. Since they were always making fun of him I thought that it would just be our secret. Since we were all friends no one suspected that we were actually seeing each other at first. Since Ricas was such a good guy I wanted to make sure that I could be a girlfriend and not make him just another dude that I was screwing. I have been involved with a couple of the nice guys in my day prior to Ricas and they never worked out. I was determined to make this one work. I was tired of the thugs and hustlers that I couldn't introduce to my family. The boys in the shop started questioning Ricas and my relationship when I would start popping up at their basketball games. I would just laugh them off and tell them that I didn't want no one who worked in the shop.

We had to sneak around for about a month or so. I wanted to get to know Ricas outside of the shop. I really started to cut for him. He was friendly and caring and just wanted to be with me. He would come over after work and we would just lay around watching TV. He liked brushing my hair which I absolutely loved. I wanted to take my time with Ricas. I could have just jumped into bed with him but that wasn't what either of us wanted or needed at the time. We had been seeing each other for a month or so before I told him that I wanted to be with him. He had told me in a previous conversation that he had never ate pussy. Well I was going to take it slow with him. We were going to watch flick or something but it was going down. Before it was over and done with I was going to have a bib around his neck and he would be eating at my "Y". LOL

The night that it began he came over and we fell into the usual routine of him brushing and running his fingers through my hair. It was such a turn on for me. We started to kiss. He was so excited that it was messy kissing. Yuck! I am not a fan of the slobber that came with it. I was trying to control the pace by pulling away from him and kissing him slow, but I guess all that waiting turned him into some sort of a lizard. He would just go back to the same fast and furious kissing. When I kiss I like to suck on the lips and run my tongue over them. He kept trying to shove his big tongue down my throat. That was turning me off. So I started to kiss his neck he liked it. His moaning told me so. We start to undress and when I seen what he was working with I thought to myself well Alrighty then, let the games begin!! He was so excited he went from slobbing my face and neck down right to penetration. He was fumbling around and shit trying to find the right hole. I already knew that the pussy eating was out. I would estimate that the total foreplay lasted about 5 minutes. I realized quickly he didn't have a clue on how to go about pleasing a woman. He was packing and instead of easing himself into me he was just throwing all of his dick inside of me. Here he is on top of me sweating, and pumping eyes closed. I am sure he thought that he was doing something. Hell no he wasn't. So I told him that I wanted to ride. He smiled at the thought and laid down. I thought that I could control this wild man from sweating in my eyes and also control the pace. When I got on top I swear I didn't hump more then five time then it was over! He is laying there having orgasm spasms. OK now no big deal we waited a long time and he needed to get his first nut out of the way. He was too excited right? I mean I think that I am good, but not that good. I would just let him lay there to regroup. So I get off of him and lay next to him. That is when I hear the snoring. You have got to be shitting me!?!? SNORING? From what? Not the light snoring, the I just need to catch my breath kind of snore. I am talking about the kind of snoring that will wake the dead. We weren't drinking so he didn't pass out. This motherfucker actually was sleeping like he had put in some work. OK now I am pissed. I roll out of bed, go into the living room and roll me a joint. I peek back into my bedroom to check and see if he has woke up yet. NOT! Now this tired bastard has turned onto his side and wrapped up in the covers. I tried to make sense of what the hell had happened. Not a got damn thing happened that's what.

I walk out onto my patio buck ass naked. I was hotter then fish grease. I am sure that while I was out there my ass was smoking, literally. So I light the joint at an attempt to calm my nerves. After a few tokes or so he pokes his big head out the bedroom door that led to the patio and asked,

"Aren't you tired'?

BA-Bee!! If looks could kill his black ass would be 6 ft under right now! Am I tired? From what? Tired of your ass being in my apartment? Hell Yes!! Tired of looking at your big head ass asking me a dumb as question like that? Hell Yes!! I am not completely heartless and I did like this dude. I told him no I wasn't tired in the least sarcastic way I could muster. So I am thinking that round two coming up right? I put out the joint and before I could get back into the apartment his black ass was asleep again. I was so damn disgusted I couldn't even sleep in my own bed. I actually slept on the couch that night. Or not really slept I just kinda laid there most of the night battling with myself to not wake him up and kick him the hell out.

After tossing and turning most of the night he woke me up to tell me that he was leaving. GREAT!! Good Riddance, adios, sayonara, and all that shit. I feel bad about it now. But I don't now, nor have I ever had a poker face. What I feel shows immediately on my face. I am sure I looked at him with a mixture of disgust and disappointment that morning. I couldn't wait for him to leave so I could call my home girls and tell them just how bad it was. They gave me a bunch of reasons why I should have given him another shot. I just couldn't do it.

Over the next few months I continued my regular routine of going to the barbershop and playing dominoes. Ricas would make general conversation with me and asked me to meet up with him from time to time. I always refused. He never asked what happened and for that I thank God. I never had to tell him the ugly truth, and trust me I would have. I was never mean to Ricas after that one night that we shared together. I mean I seen him almost everyday. Some of the guys in the shop found out what happened between us. I am the one that told on us and not him. Ricas left the shop a couple of months after we had sex. He moved to Houston got married and had a child. He was only married for less than a year. I am not saying it was the dick...but that is my guess.

One of his uncles or older cousins should have told him that you only have one time to make a first impression. I could have been married to him...stop laughing!

~The End~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

*~ Unfinished Business...Yes Indeed! ~*

I am not sure if you have ever been to one of my favorite spots in the world, but if you haven't you should. I am talking about The Crescent City. I have been a lot of places but no where is quite like New Orleans. The have their own grammar. If you ask me it's like visiting a different country. There is no place quite like it. One of my best friends is from there. It didn't seem to matter when I called her and told her that I was on my way she would tell me that my room would be ready. She moved before Katrina's bitch ass drowned the city. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to it. I was there not too long ago for Mardi Gras. After two years later shit is still real fucked up. But this story is way before Katrina. Folks were still listening to Master P instead of Lil Romeo when this took place.

This was one of the many times that I have called my big lil sister from the N.O. and told her that I was on my way. By this time she had moved out of the city and moved to the suburbs. As usual my room was ready. She moved into a really cute two story townhouse. I loved her old house though. Her daddy lived in the back house. There seemed to always be some broads back there too. After my friend would go to work he would go and get us a beer and that was breakfast. We did that the entire week of Mardi Gras on one of my earlier trips. There were these hoes that lived next door or somewhere real close. To get to where her daddy lived you had to either open the gate or go through the house. Well these broads would jump the fence. They would walk up the porch and hop down on the other side of the fence. I don't know if my friend gave them the name or I did. They were the rail hopping hoes. Her daddy may not have been a player but I think he played one on TV.

Anyway on to the story. My friend loved these little hole in the wall spots there are little corner bars sprinkled everywhere throughout the city. She loved the 9th ward, and I did too. There was never a dull moment. I was told that I couldn't bring in a comb to one spot we went to. I was told that some girls have been known to use it as a weapon. The bouncer told me to either put it back in the car or trash it. In the trash it went. I wish that I could remember the name of this spot she took me to, but it burned down a year or two after this trip. The place wasn't that big, but there seemed to be a million people in there. I don't even remember a dance floor but folks were dancing. The chicks out there love shaking that ass. I remember a line of them dancing solo facing the wall shakin what they mamma gave em! There were more people outside the bar then in. They were playing a lot of New Orleans music and this little bar was jumping. If there is one thing I know the dudes love the dreads there. Dreads heads were floating in and out of the bar. If you have dreads in the N. O. it is damn near like a camouflage. There was folks smoking weed in the club it was pure comedy. There was this real tall chocolate man that walks in. I am short but still it seemed like he was a good foot and a half taller then me. I love something that I can climb on. I have a soft spot for those tall lanky men. It's juicy too. Well my friend knows this big tree of a man. His name was Khalil. I am not sure how the conversation started but I am glad it did. Some of my friends call me Woody. I am almost sure that is how I was introduced. Maybe that is how what happened did. Now we all know that there are a few men who lie on their dick. They swear that they are breaking backs. Then when you get to the nitty gritty you feel like you should have just masturbated. Or at the very least left your clothes on. There are also the men who brag how big their dick is. When you see it all you can think is, "Damn!?!" "Is that it?"

Khalil hung out was in and out the bar most of the night like everyone else. Some how I kinda sorta started the conversation of dick size. I mean he is tall and lanky and that usually means a big dick right? It is not guaranteed trust me. but you usually cannot lose with the basketball build. That reminds me of a different whore story. I will tell you about that one at another time...Now back to Khalil. He was going on and on about what he was working with. There is nothing like hearing a New Orleans man speak. Beh-beh! I love the way they say baby. The first trip there I told the boys that my name was Baby. Just to hear them say it. By this time I had grown tired of this man talking about his meat flute and what he could do with it. So I asked to see it. Now right there in front of God and everyone this man pulls it out. Not the least be ashamed. I wish I had a picture of my face at that moment. I have never been so shocked in my life. On most occasions once you ask to see the dick the man will usually shut the fuck up, try to change the subject, or makeup some lame ass story why they can't. Not Mr. Khalil OH no indeed! He just stood there bow legged with this big black dick in his hand. It wasn't even hard but I new without a doubt this had to be the biggest dick I had ever seen! He had his dick in one hand and a smile on his face as if he was saying, "Now What?" Now me not wanting to be outdone I yell.

"Check Please!"

There are no waitresses in this joint, but I had to do or say something because that big dick had me shook. Khalil calls my bluff though and he is like,

"So, what's up? Are we rolling?"

How romantic huh? I laugh because that is what I do when I get nervous. My big lil sis is just looking at me like you got yo ass into this. She is just standing there laughing at me. Ain't this some shit? Once again my big ass mouth has gotten my ass in trouble. My reply was that I had to ask my friend if he could come over. I was still in shock at what had just happened. I was shocked and horny at the same time. Khalil had Miss Kitty thumping! It felt like my coo coo had her own heart beat.

Now he is going on and on about me wanting to see and asking what I was going to do with it. I was thinking that I was on vacation why not! He asked if I had some condoms. Well of course I do. I keep condoms as if they were my American Express. I never leave home without them. So I ask my big lil sis if he can come over. She said that she didn't care, and that was that off we go.

When we get to her place Khalil and I go to my room so that I could be properly introduced to his bayou boogie. So when we get into the room he starts to undress. We lay on the bed an start touching one another. Now I thought that he had a big dick in the bar. It was only until we started touching each other that I realized what I seen at the bar was just a preview of what was to cum. His sleeping monster was awakened by my touch. I like to rub my thumb over the head of a hard penis down the grove in the center. The head of a penis always reminds me of a fireman hat. We are about to get busy so I get the condoms out. I hand one to Khalil he looks at it then me he says .


"What do you mean damn?" I say

"You don't have any Magnums?'

"Um No?"

Well no I didn't have any damn Magnums. I had never seen anything like what this man had between his legs. I had condoms I always do. I wasn't used to fucking with donkey dicks. Now he's pissed. He was saying shit like I should have know he couldn't fit all that dick into one of those little ass condoms. Well that was the end of that. He couldn't fit the condom and neither of us was fucking without one. I roll one way and he rolls another and we fall asleep, or I pass out one. His phone rings a few hours later and he leaves. I knew that the next time I seen him I would have some Magnums. Since that day I carry two condoms in my purse at all times. I keep a regular condom for the regular dicks and a Magnum for the dicks that are Magnum.

All I know is that he and I have some unfinished business. If by chance I do run into him I'll be prepared trust me. I would ask my big lil sis if she had seen him or heard what ever happened to him. Khalil either died or was displaced like so many others. No one knew whatever happened to him after Katrina drowned the city.

~The End~

Sunday, December 2, 2007

~~My Texas Strangler~~

My daddy used to always tell me that I was always letting my mouth get my ass in trouble. Once again he was right.

A bunch of co-workers bought tickets to the Cowboy game. We had people coming in from all over so we planned to tailgating. We had tables, plenty of food, tequila, and anything else you wanted. We planned on doing it big. We all met at the office and rode a caravan to the stadium. We arrived at the stadium about 8:00 to get a good spot. It was misty rain in the air but it was expected so every one was bundled up. Since it was kinda cold that morning we had a nice hearty breakfast that consisted of sausage and tequila. We had so much food. There were 4 grills going at the same time. It didn't take us long to warm up there was just as much alcohol as there was food. We were having a hee haw good time. There were some big lumber jack white boys that came in for the game from Lubbock. They were hilarious. They were loud and big, hell that JC was juuuuuuust right. More about him later.

A friend of my co-worker Kevin was there. Just a regular ass Dallas Black man. Did I mention that he had a signature South Dallas gold tooth? As much as I would like to deny it or leave this part out, all of my stories are true to the best of my recollection. When Kevin introduced me to James and he smiled I noticed the toof. He was a big Cowboy fan and had on the hat and jersey to prove it. He was cute except for that got damned tooth. I wasn't interested in him at all. He was a little too country for me. He was shorter then I prefer but dressed and smelled nice all the same.

We all had to trek about a mile to the stadium it was one hell of a walk. We were all nice and drunk. That seemed like we walked the quickest mile ever. We were all laughing and joking the whole way. It seemed like everyone on this walk was good and drunk. Some people walked by drinking and smoking weed. It was great! Most of the group was drinking right up to the gates. We found out nose bleed seats right before kick off. We were one rowdy drunk bunch. I made sure that I sat next to JC he was one funny lumber jack! This dude was non-stop laughs. He pissed off a man that was sitting in front of us because he kept cussing. It was "Did you see that mother fucker?" and "That was some bullshit!" Well that man in front of us kept looking back at JC. I was laughing uncontrollably because I could tell that this man was about to lose it. I have a problem laughing at the most inappropriate times. I told JC that that man was getting pissed. He didn't give a rats ass on a glue trap that that man was getting upset. He just kept getting louder. So finally the man told him that he needed to stop all of that cussing that him and his family didn't appreciate it. There I go again with the giggling, It was damn near half time at that point. So the next thing that JC hollers was.

"Did you see that mother tucker?"

I thought that I was about to die! The man whipped his head around and JC just shrugged, and said that he didn't cuss. Well he didn't. I laughed so hard I damn near peed on myself. I might have a little bit. (lol) He had another as well. "That was some bullshot" Every time he shouted some made up cuss word I fell out!

I don't even remember who won. I am guessing that the cowboys did because we ended up in the Cowboy Corral. The Corral is where you get to hang out after the game and drink some more. Just what we needed right? We were all pretty much out of control. I was talking shit to Kevin's friend James. I seem to do that pretty well. Kevin told me to ask James what his nick name was. So I ask him and he gives me another one of those gold toof smiles. He asks me if I really wanted to know. Kevin is nudging me snickering "a he he he". I told him yes I wanted to know or I wouldn't have asked. He tells me Peter.

"OK,um. What the hell is funny about that?"

Kevin says ask him to tell you the rest. I am drunk and done playing their silly ass game. So I tell James just to tell me or don't I couldn't give a shit.

James was like "yeah, I like for my women to talk shit."

I rolled my eyes. He told me that his friends called him Peter because he was the Pussy eater. OK, great you are just another man that eats pussy. He went on and on about how good he was and that he would like to show me. I am not from the show me state but I can pretend. I am not sure how long after this I decided to take him home but it was probably right after we got thrown out of the Corral for something that JC did. That was one wild and crazy guy! I can't remember what he did to get us kicked out though I was drink remember?

James and I were going to sneak to my place for what I planned to be a quickie. The rest of the group was going to a sports bar to watch the rest of the 2nd games. Before we left for my house James asked me if I had ever heard of a man by the name of Kem. I told him that no I hadn't so he went to Kevin's truck to get the CD. When we get to my apartment I guess he is trying to set a "mood" so he tells me to put in the CD and put it on number on 6 (When Love Calls-Kemistry). I love Kem don't get me wrong, but this dude has forever soiled this song. I cannot hear this song to this day without getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I will put my hand on a stack of bibles and attest that what I am about tell you know is God honest truth. When the music starts he asks me to dance with him. I get up and we start to dance. The music is good. He is grinding on me but I am horny right now. That alcohol had my kitty thumping. So it's cool right? Everything is all good. He sits me down in my leather rocking chair when it happens. He starts dancing for me. Like a chocolate ass Chippendale! I hate male strippers! There is something wrong about a man that can prance around a club for a dollar. I will save that rant for another time. Any way...this man is dancing around and removing his clothes all through my house. I ask him to please stop. I didn't want to hurt his feeling with what I am sure is a look of disgust on my face. He says to me that this was his first time ever doing something like this. I was thinking to myself, why in the hell is he using me as a Guinea pig? I was embarrassed for him really. I was not feeling this shit one bit! Matter of fact I had made a deal with myself. I had decided that if he took off his pants and he had on some bikini drawls that was going to be the deal breaker. He was going to have to get his black ass the fuck outta my house!! He didn't have on bikini briefs, or tightie whiteys on. Thank goodness for him. Because I shit you not, if he did? He was getting his black ass outta my apartment!

He undresses me and sits me back down on the rocking chair and goes to work. Not only does this chair rock it also reclines and spins. I suggest if you don't have one get one! You can get into all kind of trouble in that chair! He had me contorted in that chair with my boots hooked over the back of the chair and my ass in the air going to work. I am flexible dammit! Don't let the chubbiness fool you. I will be a reference for him if anyone ever questions his nick name of Peter...yes ma'am I will! Well this rendezvous of ours took longer then expected and I had to drive his ass all the way home. Everyone had decided not to go to the sports bar. I guess getting thrown out of one bar was good enough for one day. It was on the trip home that he told me that he was married but separated. OPPS! I have got to remember to ask that question! Married but separated is still that, married. If you have a marriage license and no divorce decree you are married...period. I blame myself as much as I blame him I should have asked but didn't. You live and learn. I was done with him at that point...doomp doomp doomp another one bites the dust.

It was months later that I found out that James finally was divorced. James wanted Kevin to tell me and see if he could get my number. I agreed and Kevin game him my number. I don't remember now how long it took for us to connect again. This particular time was probably our second or third get together after we reconnected. But now you are going to find out his new nickname and the reason for the title.

I met him at his house for a late night creep. I sat my purse and down in the kitchen. I am not sure that we got started right after hello. He lifted me up on the kitchen counter pulled up mu skirt and started eating my pussy. You would think that Miss Kitty is steak flavored the way these dudes like tasting me. I don't mind a bit I enjoy feeding the needy. He doesn't stop feasting on me until he makes me cum. Right there on the counter where I am sure he makes his meals. He helps me off the counter thankfully because my knees almost gave out. Ol boy's mouth was going platinum!! He turns me around and lifts up one knee on the counter and is letting me have it! My head is keeps bumping the cabinet, but I am not about to ask him to stop. It could have gave me a concussion for all I cared at the moment. I am making so much noise it was a good thing he lived in a house. My nosey ass neighbors would have called the police. We move into the bedroom and he is fucking me doggie style.

He whispers in my ear "do you like it rough?"

I hate trying to answer questions when I am having sex! I some how scream out yes in between my moans. When out of no where this mother fucka has me in some kind of a wrestling mixed marital arts submission head lock. Now at first I am thinking OK this shit is weird but he is fucking the shit out of me! Whatever he is doing is working. Then his grip gets tighter. I try and wiggle around because it is getting kind of hard to breath. That doesn't work, his grip gets even tighter. Now the shit is scary because it gets even tighter and now I cannot breath! He has me on all fours. I try and used one of my hands to tap out. I am not into this sadomasochistic bullshit. I mean hello I said I liked it rough? I was thinking some ass slapping, throwing me on the bed, and maybe some hair pulling. Not some erotic asphyxiation bullshit. Aren't you supposed to have a safe word and shit? The tap out doesn't work. I cannot speak because I cannot breath! I was gasping for air. This bastard is hunching a hundred pumps a minute. When I reached up to tap his forearm that is now literally choking the life out of me my other arms gives and the pillow that he used to prop my ass in the air is further blocking any chance of gasping for air. My face is in the pillow and his ass now has all of his weight on me. Right when I thought that I was about to black out or die he cums and lets go of my neck. F I N A L L Y !! I can breath! I was PISSED. The first thing that I said when I was able to catch my breath is,

"Nigga, are you trying to kill me!?!?"

He was like, "What are you talking about? I thought you liked it rough?"

"Rough I like. I couldn't breath asshole!"

He is laying there next to me breathing hard and shit. I should have karate chopped this bastard in the Adams apple. I get up and go through the house picking up my clothes n shit that are thrown throughout the house. I am pissed and stomping around because the only thing in my mind is getting my black ass the hell out of there. He is following me around the house as I am picking up my shit begging me to stay the night. Talking about how late it was and how far of a drive I had. It didn't matter how long I had to drive! I was getting the fuck out of his house, and going home. He started to apologize and told me that he thought that I like it. Yeah I liked it until I couldn't breath. He was like you didn't say anything.

"Well no shit!? I didn't say anything because I couldn't breath!"

He is now known to all my friends as James the Choker. I have ran into him several times after this and even had sex with him a couple of times after. It took a year or so before we hooked up after this happened. He really was sorry. At the time it was beside the point. All I knew that this was just another instance of my mouth getting my ass in trouble. Rough my black ass!!

~The End~

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Since I have started writing these stories it has brought back quite a few memories some of which I would rather forget. I was sitting around with a friend of mine exchanging whore stories when I remembered JP. His chapter in my life spans over a few years. But with most of the men in my life came a first. So sit back and relax pour you a glass of wine. This one here is going to be a doozie!

I met JP in one of my favorite hang outs back in the day. It was called the Cowboys Sports Cafe. This spot was notorious for wild times. It was not out of the ordinary to see the Cowboy players. Micheal Irvin was always there with his entourage of 10 to 15 dudes. That was until Jerry Jones banned them from coming in there. JP was playing pool when I spotted him. He was well dressed, but somewhat over dressed for a sports bar so he stood out to me. He had on a button up polo shirt, some khakis and some dress shoes. He was tall and slender with a baby face. This night the Cafe was jumping the Cowboys won so everyone was in good spirits and drunk. I was sitting at one of the tables with my friends when he approached us. We were all making general conversation. His conversation started being directed to me. I guess he had made his choice. I unfortunately was still dealing with a crying ass boyfriend. I told him up front that I was seeing some one. Like most men he didn't give a shit, and truth be told neither did I.

He talked me into playing pool with him. I am horrible at pool but he wanted to "help" me. His way of helping was just a way for him to get closer to me. I didn't mind one bit! He helped me hold the pole while leaning on me from behind. We played a few games of pool. After the pool playing my girls were ready to go home. I noticed that he had a couple of rubber bands on his wrist he kept popping them. I asked him what they were for and he told me it was a secret and that I would find out later. I told my girls that I was going to stay a while longer and hang out with my new found friend. I stayed talking to him for a while. It was getting late and I told him that I needed to go home. He handed me a little sheet of paper with a hand written note that read. JP good for one night of pleasure, satisfaction guaranteed. I thought that this was the cutest thing. I was still young and very gullible. I ate it up. I giggled when I read it. He just in return gave me a sexy smile. I told him that it was nice meeting him and hanging out. He asked me for a hug which I gladly gave and home I went. To think about him the rest of the night.

About 6 months went past before I seen JP again. It was at the sports bar when I laid my eyes on him. I was finally done with crying ass Jerrod(yay!). I told him how good it was to see him. I got that nervous , butterflies in my tummy feeling that I get when I am interested in someone. I wasn't sure if he recognized me. I knew in the second that our eyes met that he did. I waved to him and he walked over to me. We made the usual chi chat that you do when you haven't seen anyone for a while. He asked me if I still had my coupon. Of course I did. I kept it in my jewelry box. He reminded me that it didn't have an expiration date. He sat with me and my friends to watch the game. He kept finding ways to touch me. I could feel a spark each time our flesh touched. I knew that I was going to have him. After the game he again wanted to play pool. I told him that the only way I would play is if he "helped" me again, which of course he did. After we finished playing pool he asked me if I would like to take a walk with him. There was a stream that ran through the city behind the bar. I agreed.

The stream walk was about 3 blocks from the bar. I drove us there. As we are walking down the stream he talked about eating my pussy. He told me that he didn't want to have sex yet. He just wanted to see what I tasted like. I was amazed at how blunt he was when it was just the two of us. We are out in the open. I told him no because some one might see. He told me that it was late and no one would be coming by. I have on my "lucky" pants or my get em girl pants. Why not I thought you only live once. Just thinking about it was exciting. I did not know why the men here could be cool with just eating pussy. He was not the first or the last either for that matter. We walk into a tunnel that was just about 50 yards from the street. He helps me take off my pants and lifts me up on the brick wall that lines the walk. Voila he dives in like a champ. When I am almost at orgasms we hear foot steps coming. I have to jump off the wall and try and get these tight ass pants back on before we are caught. I made it though barley. The man that was jogging by was looking at us crazy. I am sure we looked guilty as hell and we were laughing uncontrollably. JP's face was glistening from my juices under the full moon . We exchange numbers and I drove him back to the bar to get his car. He found some pictures of me in my car and asked for one so I gave it to him. Our night ended with a kiss.

In talking on the phone with JP over the next few days I find out that he is in law enforcement. He had a son that he was raising alone because his ex-wife didn't want to be a mother. He and his son were staying with his sister so that she could help raise him. My heart went out to him. It is so rare to hear about a man raising his own child. I was not a fan of dating men with children at the time, but for him I made an exception. I could talk to him for hours.

We decided to meet up at the movies a few days later. He asked that I wear a skirt so that he could have easy access. When we get there I asked him what movie did he want to see. He tole me that he didn't have any intention of watching a movie. OK now I am confused. I asked him why we are here if he didn't want to watch a movie. He gave me another one of those sexy bad boy grins and told me had something else in mind. He bought us tickets to Mystery Alaska. The only thing I knew about that movie was that it was in Alaska and about hockey. There was only three other people in there to see the movie. The theatre that we were in had stadium seating. We went to the very top and sat in the middle of the row. We put the arm rests in between the seats making the row into a makeshift bed. I wore a skirt like he asked no panties, no I know why. Viola again he dives in. It took everything in me to hold in my moans and groans JP was good at this! After he made me cum I sit back up in my seat looking at the back of the heads that are in front of us. I returned the oral favor. That is when I found out what the rubber band was for. He used the rubber band for a cheap version of a cock ring! He was too young to have dick problems. I know that if those people would have looked back they would have seen what looked like me bobbing for apples in his lap. Now as if having oral sex in public wasn't enough. We start having sex. I am riding him in a backward cowgirl. I don't know how I let this man talk me into this. The thought of getting caught made it better. We finished before the movie was over. He wanted to leave, but there was no way in hell I was going to shimmy my ass down those stairs and tip out in front of those people just in case they got a show.

The shit hits the fan that same weekend! As usual me and a group of friends meet up at the sports bar to watch football. I was in shock as to what happens next. In walks JP with a very pregnant woman. Not only is this woman pregnant she is wearing a wedding ring. She is obviously staring at me and wants me to see her. JP looked more nervous then a hoe in church. Naturally he wasn't trying to make eye contact with me. Now if I was a hood rat I would have clowned his ass. My friends are asking me if I wanted to leave because I was pissed! There was no way in hell I was leaving. I was there every Sunday this was my hang out. If anyone was going to leave it was going to be their ass! This woman or what I found out later was his wife couldn't take her eyes off of me. They get up and leave about 30 minutes after they arrived. There were no words exchanged just a bunch of dirty looks. I felt sorry for her, but it wasn't my fault she was married to a lying cheating ass bastard.

By the time I got home that night he had called me 5 times. At first I wasn't going to talk to him. I decided to answer his call after all of the pathetic messages he left. When I he called he tried to make light of the situation saying well the cat is out of the bag. Well no shit! Yeah the cat is out of the bag. Not only was he still married she was pregnant with their second child. They still lived together there wasn't even a separation. All of what he told me was a lie. I asked him why was she looking at me like she knew me. He told me that she did know who I was. She knew who I was because his stupid ass hid the picture that I gave him under the floor mats of the car that they shared! Not only was he cheating on his pregnant wife he had the audacity to have proof! Stupid Bitch! He tried to lie and tell her that I was messing with his homeboy. Wifey didn't buy that lame ass story. She made him bring her to the cafe so that she could see me for herself. What a bastard! He told me that he was glad that I knew the truth. He didn't want the fact that he was married have to come between us. I was gullible but I still knew the difference between right and wrong. I told him that I was done with his ass and to not ever call me again. That was the last conversation I had with JP for the next 5 years...

To be continued.

Friday, November 9, 2007

There's A First Time For Everything

There is a first time for everything is what they tell me. I didn't chose to wait, I just did. I wish that I could say that I was saving myself for marriage, but that wasn't the case. My daddy intimidated most of the boys in my neighborhood where I grew up. Everyone knew my dad. He worked at the State Pen. To make matters worse I was adopted by the Munoz family next door. The Munoz family consisted of six boys and one girl. Liz was the baby and also my best friend. So they treated us like little kids most of the time and the boys were also afraid of the Munoz'. So back then I didn't have a chance in hell of getting my cherry popped. My dad and the Munoz' made sure of that.

I grew up a chubby girl in Albuquerque. Yes there are black people there. That is usually the first question I get when I tell people where I am from. We only make up about 3% of the population. Growing up there is hard on black females. Most of the black boys dated the Mexican girls. I grew up thinking that I wasn't cute. Hell I was chubby simple as that. Being a chubby teenager does nothing for ones self esteem. I moved to Texas when I was 20. My eyes were wide open. I was living in a place where every where you looked there was someone that looked like me. It was great! Suddenly I wasn't just another fat black face in the crowd. People were actually noticing me. I loved it here.

As you may have read in a previous story I woke up one morning and just had to have "it". I was working in a big company with tons of men. I had been here for close to two years. Everyone was hooking up. I had my eyes on Johnny Clyde. I was in love with him. He was tall and bald just like I like em. I admired him from a far for a long time. I was pretty shy back in the day. We became friends, he was my buddy. I would make it a point to where my Heather Locklear business suits then sashay by his desk. He wanted to go out for drinks one night. After the drinks we sat in my car and made out. He could have had me that night if he wanted to. Telling him my secret ruined that idea though. I told him that I was a virgin and wanted him to be my first. Who knew that would be a mistake. Not me or I would not have told him. He told me that he wouldn't do it. He was going through a divorce at the time. He told me that it needed to be special. That he didn't want the responsibility of taking my chastity. I can understand it now, but at the time it hurt my feelings. Then somehow the word got out. Everyone knew my dirty little secret. That is what is funny about a secret. Once you tell one person, it's no longer a secret. It was so obvious that I was now a moving target with these bastards. I didn't trust any of them. I actually over heard 2 of them bastards discussing which one of them were going to "get me". Neither I cussed their asses out right then and there. They were both attractive men but they were also a couple of the many office hoes. We were cool after that. Just had to clear the air...bastards. There was no way in hell any of them was going to be able to say that they "had me".

So my search continues...My best friend is from Shreveport, LA. We would burn up I-20 going back and forth between Texas and Louisiana. It's only about a three hour drive. We would go to these little hole in the walls Lacy's and Mable's. Lacy's played hip hop, and Mable's played old school. There were many a drunken night in those clubs. They were right next door to one another. My best friend is 10 years older then me so she would spend most of her time in Mable's, and me in Lacy's. I would hop back and forth between the two all night. It was on yet another drunken rendezvous that I met him. His name was Willie. Sparks were flying. I caught him staring at me. After awhile of our eye locking he walks over to where I was. The saying is true or it was in this case. I knew within a few minutes that I wanted him. It was odd to me then. It could have been the tequila. Whatever this feeling was, it was awesome! He asked me to dance and I guess you could call it that. The old folks would call it dry hunching. I have never been big on public sighs of affection, but we couldn't keep our hands or mouths for that matter off of each other. We closed the club that night as me and my friend did on quite a few occasions. My friend found us lip locking against the wall. I had forgot all about her. Willie and I exchanged numbers and promised to call each other.

Over the next few weeks we talked on the phone everyday. We talked about the sparks we felt for one another. We laughed at almost having sex against that wall. About a month or so after our first meeting there I was burning up I-20 again. This time I was on a mission. I was on my way to get me some. Oddly enough I wasn't nervous. I wasn't in love with this man. I wasn't delusional it was what it was. I wanted to have sex. That was what it was about and I was driving 3 hours to get it. I didn't tell Willie I was a virgin because I didn't want him to back out of the deal. All of my girl friends back home were rooting me on. They couldn't wait to hear the details. I couldn't wait to tell them.

When I arrive in the city I call Willie and we are going to meet up after he gets off work. He worked at one of the many casinos there. He didn't live alone. He lived with his mamma so naturally we aren't going to his house. He comes and picks me up at my friends house and greets me with one of those sweet kisses of his. No off we go. OK so now I am getting a little nervous. We are driving around looking for a motel. We get to the room and start kissing. I was having an internal panic attack. Willie wants to take a shower because he just got off. While he is in the shower I am thinking do I take my clothes off? I am trying to position myself on the bed in a sexy pose. That wasn't working. Everything I did seemed wrong. We haven't even started yet and I needed this part to be over. I felt so got damn awkward. When he finally gets out of the shower he is standing in front of me in nothing but a towel. I didn't have the first clue on what to do I sit. He comes over to the bed and sits next down next to me. We start kissing and again the sparks. I am grinding against his body when he starts to undress me. Now I am starting to panic again. It is about to go down! I am now completely naked. I didn't know much but I did know I didn't want any got damn kids. I asked him where the condoms were. I thought that was his job. He doesn't have any, so off to the store he goes.

I am laying there waiting for him to get back. Again I thought about a sexy pose. That shit just wasn't working for me. I laugh at the thought. He gets back and we get started again. He puts on the condom when the funniest shit E V E R happens! He was like I need you to help me. His voice was almost trembling. I am thinking to myself that I am the last person that can help you with it. Hell I didn't even know how they worked yet. Flicks were the closest I had been to a dick. He reaches over and turns on the light. Willie had some how gotten his pubes twisted in the condom. He was laying there begging for me to help him. I couldn't help but to bust out laughing my ass off. He didn't thing that there was shit funny at the time. That's when I spilt the beans. I told him that I was a virgin and I didn't know what to do. He was going to have to fix it. Then he shocked the shit outta me. He told me that he was a virgin too! Well I will be got damn. How in the hell out of all the dicks in the world do I end up with a man whose dick had never been in another pussy? That is the kind of dumb luck my black ass has. Now we are both rolling. We are laying there belly laughing. He somehow gets his pubic hair loose from being intertwined in the rubber.

Let's Get Ready To RUUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLE! Yeah right? I heard that the shit was supposed to hurt but not as much as it did. It could have been because there wasn't much foreplay besides kissing. He didn't even try rubbing my kitty. He must have tried for 10 minutes to get his dick inside of me. That shit was not working. That's it I quit! I told him that he should just quit. I had at that instant accepted the fact that I would always be a virgin. The shit wasn't happening. He was like you just need to relax. I mean seriously how could he think that I could calm relax? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. I told him that he could try one more time. If it didn't go in he was taking me back to my friends house. I couldn't take any more of this. That must have been what he needed because it went in then.

It wasn't so bad after he got it in. I even rode it for a little bit. It was as if all of the porn and masturbating over the years had paid off. I didn't think that I would be able to have an orgasm either my first time. I did that too. Ol' Willie wasn't so bad. We both fell asleep after it was over. I felt different some how. I'm sure what that feeling was but I know that I woke up with a smile on my face.

Willie and I only seen each other 3 times after our initial encounter. I don't remember now how we drifted apart, we just did. I didn't fall madly in love with him because he was my first lover. He lived too far away. Once I got started it was on a popping. I am still glad that I waited until I thought that I was ready. I don't have any regrets. I didn't have the usual horror story that some women have. My first time wasn't an accident, it didn't just happen. My first time was hilarious. It was planned and calculated. I didn't know who it would be but someones son had to do it. There is a first time for everything.

Thanks Willie.